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20Aug, 2010

At the beginning of the summer, blogger Adam McLane of Youth Specialties released a list of the top 20 youth ministry blogs of 2010.  I read it like a kid with a list of baseball cards or comic books… “Got it, got it, seen it, nope, nope, got it.”

A few days later, blogger buddy Roy Petitfils facebooked me with message that basically read something like “Dude… was disappointed to not see you on the list.”   And, (as is my nature) I just kinda shrugged it off.  But, weeks later, I did do a technorati search and realized that the blog you are reading (and, again, thanks for your patronage) was not far off of one of the sites identified as “a top five” site.

And, you know what? That’s still ok.  Maybe next year. I’m really not sure what difference it makes.

That being all said, here is my own listing (totally subjective) of top blogs (sans rankings) that I’m suggesting are of influence to Catholic Youth Ministry. But, hey, we will still acknowledge non-Catholics as well who were on Adam’s YS Top 20 list. And, so you know, I’m not gonna be shy about including the Catholic Youth Ministry Blog on this list!

  >> Alison Griswold “tweets” (which is micro-blogging and so it counts – – my rules!) her life and parish youth ministry experiences out of South Carolina.  Always entertaining! Go, Team Catholic!

  >> Bob Rice  Singer, Comedian, College Professor, Dad, Catholic, and a blogger. There is a depth here which I always find authentic and challenging.

  >> Catechist’s Journey  Over the past year, Joe Paprocki (brother to this bishop) has been growing on me.  He plays on some different levels as a eighth grade catechist as well as an author and presenter.

  >> Catholic YM Blog … now six years in service!

  >> Catholic Youth Work  Jack Regan over in the UK administrates this discussion board that shares communication for the Catholic Youth Ministry Federation, is prepping for the Pope’s visit, and is presently touring diocesan web sites (a concept he readily admits he lifted from here.)

  >> Clayton Imoo is Canada’s contribution to the list.  His video reports regarding the Vancouver Olympics and the Canucks failed Stanley Cup run were viral insanity. Clay loves his wife, kids, and Catholic Youth Ministry; you really don’t need to know anything more.

  >> Cultivation Ministries We are crossing our fingers and hoping that Frank Mercandante and company can keep up with the posting pace they started. If that turns out to not be the case, then I would readily move up the Prepared Catholic into this list.

  >> In All Things America Magazine has a blog that features posts from some of their authors who include the always insightful James Martin, SJ.

  >> John Rinaldo blogs consistently as diocesan director for San Jose with worth-while content that not only has implications for the local but on a broader scale as well. Earlier this year, John posted as to how coordinators of youth ministry might better serve by viewing themselves as administrators

  >> Jesus Goes to Disney World Father Austin Murphy (a fellow ArchBalt blogger) does a great job of connecting popular culture and the gospel messages. 

  >> Life in Student Ministry Tim Schmoyer is not writing about things Catholic, but is all about youth ministry He is the full-time youth pastor at Alexandra Covenant Church in Alexandria, MiN and offers a variety of media in service to the field of youth ministry. [YS top 20]

  >> Life Teen (www.catholicyouthministry.com) Randy Raus is joined by a wide variety of bloggers (full disclosure – – including this one, though not recently)  Your best bet for Catholic female writers can be found here!

  >> Mike Patin has recently re-picked up the blogging bug. Welcome back, Mike!

  >> More Than Dodgeball  Josh Griffin is not writing about things Catholic, but is all about youth ministry,  As the High School Pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA, Griff offers insights into the possibilities in organizing and programming ministry.  [YS top 20]

  >> Roy Petitfils The Big Bald Counselor has a heart beating strongly for the the Catholic youngchurch

  >> Seth Godin probably does not care at all about things either “Catholic” or “youth ministry” but he does “get”  tribes, organization, management, linchpins. motivation… and so should we!

  >> Tech Tips for Catholic  I appreciate the value that the Tech Tips team has regarding maximizing the latest technologies in ministry.

  >> Whispers in the Loggia Rocco Palmo from Philadelphia is not writing about youth ministry, but is about all things Catholic.  While he is a twenty-something blogger, he has a unique insider’s view into what’s moving and shaking into the Church.

  >> Why Is Marko Following his tenure at YS, Mark Oestreicher is now an author, youth ministry coach, and speaker. Marko blogs about the future of ministry and his own challenges. He is also been a long time virtual friend who I recently met in real life.  [YS top 20]

  >> Youth Specialties  These guys are all about youth ministry and you should be paying attention to them… I do! [YS top 20]  Primary author of the site is Adam McLane [YS top 20], a lifelong Notre Dame fan, so ya’ know, he’s got some Catholic sensibilities about him. Maybe, the Catholic YM Blog might even be included on his list in 2011.

If you believe that you know of a blog (including yours) that should have been included and/or want to call attention a site that you read, e-mail me, please. The spam censor gets sensitive regarding hyperlinks.  I promise I will look and put you into consideration for a future post and/or next year’s list.  Further, comment away about your love for any of the above sites!



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  2. Catholic sensibilities? That’s a fun way to say it. Yep, born into a Catholic family in South Bend, very near the ND campus. My family left the church before I made first communion. (divorce didn’t go over well, apparently back then) long story short, yup… My whole family is Catholic, I’m the odd duck who started going to a Presbyterian church in 5th grade and ended up a Baptist youth pastor!

    I how you make the list in 2011! Competition is bringing out the best.

    Comment by Adam McLane — Friday, August 20, 2010 @ 10:03 am

  3. I’d check out @newworshipsongs on Twitter as well. Trying to get the word out on trends in worship as well as promote Catholic artists.

    Comment by Brian Miller — Friday, August 20, 2010 @ 11:13 am

  4. Adam and I had some e-chatter back and forth on Friday and then he posted his own reflections upon the influence of his top 20 listing: “The net effect has been that many who had stopped taking the genre seriously are now take it seriously again”
    Here’s hoping for the same! Thanks, Adam!

    Comment by Scott — Saturday, August 21, 2010 @ 6:43 am

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