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10Feb, 2011

The Core

apple-core Chris Mueller had a series of posts on the importance of a core team on the blog at www.catholicyouthministry.com. If you are sweating core team stuff, this might be a worthwhile read, Here are some pull quotes:

Part 1:

As the director/Coordinator/youth minister (whatever you call yourself) your job is the Core Team. I know this is teen ministry, but you really should not be spending all your time with teens. I mean it. There is no way that one person…

can reach the number of teens that are out there.

Part 2

A sense of mission can make a team, and not having one can break a team.  Seriously.  If your team does not know what the mission and/or don’t feel they are part of it, they wont show up.  If you invest time in ministering to the Core Team, but have not clearly communicated the vision and where the Core fits into it, it is going to be a train wreck. Your mission needs to inspire YOU.

Part 3:

Don’t be desperate. Trust God, and he will provide the right people… If you are desperate picking Core you can hurt a lot more people.  So don’t be desperate. Look for the right people.  It is not about numbers. <image source>


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