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28Feb, 2011

bjsc Randy Raus, over at LifeTeen’s www.catholicyouthministry.com’s blog, recently wrote about Three Things That Youth Ministers Do That Drive A Diocesan Director of Youth Ministry Crazy. He wrote from the perspective of over two decades “of hearing from both parish youth ministers and from diocesan directors of youth ministry about strained relationships and a desire to work together.”

He lists out:

>> A Lack of Humility suggesting that if you don’t respond to emails, letters and phone calls, you might be conveying a “better than thou” attitude.

>> Not Being Loyal Randy says he often hears that relationships are strained because

people are talking about each other behind their backs. In the “instant communication” age we are in – are we so naive to believe that what we say does not get back to the other person?

>> Not Hustling -  Randy suggests that most diocesan directors know you have a full schedule and may not be able to attend every meeting, but an effort to communicate and to attend a majority of meeting or trainings goes a long way in strengthening our relationships and not projecting an air that you “have it all together” and don’t need help. The other big area of hustle is following through on commitments you make to promote diocesan, national and world youth events.

It’s a good article and you should read the whole thing. Randy promises to write “3 Things That Diocesan Directors Do That Drive Youth Minister’s Crazy,” and we will cover it here as well, in the interest in fair play. Meanwhile, consider, if you are a dio. director or a parish ym…,  tweeting or facebooking this to keep the conversation going…

<image: Stan Cordero (Santa Rosa) and Brian Johnson (Galveston-Houston)>


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  1. My favorite paragraph is the last one of the full article. I’m honored to pray for and work with Sean Reynolds here in Cincinnati. Nothing but gratitude and respect for all he does here and nationwide! Blessed by you, Sean!

    Comment by Jodi Mott — Monday, February 28, 2011 @ 11:05 am

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