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18Dec, 2011

Advent Fourth


Our prayer, this day, the Fourth Sunday of Advent.

Lord, we are nearing the point where we find our Christmas preparations have become quite the mission impossible.  How can it be that we let this season get away from us each year.  How can we be missing the point of this all over again?

Our Advent Anticipations, however, remind us that you are very much with us, guiding us as a flock, protecting us as your people.  We marvel about how can this truly be?  We remain in an uncertain place unsure of how to address the power of the Most High through the Holy Spirit coming upon our meager lives.

Glory to God in the highest, we sing.  It is all of Your faithfulness, Your kindness, Your goodness that we sing. To the only wise God, through Jesus Christ, be glory forever and ever.

Our gift this season is to recognize that there ain’t nothing beyond God’s possibilities. Behold, we offer our lives in service to the Lord. May our lives be conformed according to Your word.


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