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8Jan, 2012


magi1Our prayer, this day, as we celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord

Lord, we get popularity and celebrity all confounded. We get sorta star-struck: raising our eyes, looking about; and assuming that others will gather and come because… well, who can resist OUR light?

Your Light, O Lord, every nation on earth adores. You rescue the poor when we cry out, the afflicted when there is no one to help. Darkness covers the earth, thick clouds cover us all; but upon us the Lord shines, over us appears His glory.

Your light has come and Your glory shines upon us. See, we shall walk by Your light, our leaders traverse by Your shining radiance proclaiming Your praises, bringing tribute of Your gifts and grace. 

We have seen Your star at its rising and now come to offer homage. We have been overwhelmed at seeing the light, star, offer all the gifts that we have, and know that our lives will now be journeyed along by another way. <image source>


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