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22Jan, 2012

Ordinary Third

fishermen Our prayer for this day, the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

These are the days, O Lord. It seems as if time is running out, that this is the very time of fulfillment. We have a message to announce to all the peoples… The Reign of God is at hand.

Teach us, O Lord, Your ways and make your paths known to us. We know that we are to change our ways. If we believe i the Gospel, we shall repent. If we do, the world in its present form will surely pass away and we will be able to come after you, to become Your fishers women and men.

Send us on mission and send your Spirit to make it fruitful. Only you can send us on a three day journey of such power that transformation occurs within one. Remember Your compassion, Your love, Your kindness, and Your goodness, O Lord. <image source>


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