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4Mar, 2012

Lenten Second

Transfiguration 3 Our prayer this day, the Second Sunday of Lent

Whatever does the rising from the dead mean?  What are the implications for us, the living. We are, of course, depending on Christ Jesus who died or, rather, was raised for we who are but unworthy sinners. It is Christ Jesus who indeed intercedes for us.

Whatever does the rising from the dead mean?  God the Father, You made possible that which You interceded our father Abraham from doing; taking the life of his own son, the only one, Whom You love as Your very Beloved. We now are assured and know now how devoted, Lord, You are to us. It is good that we are here in this time, in this place!

Whatever does the rising from the dead mean? After all, You bless us abundantly. Who can be against us, if You are there for us?  Who will condemn us, if our God has acquitted in word and action?

Whatever does the rising from the dead mean? You are our God.  Here we are, Lord. We call upon the name of the Lord. We are but your servants who come to do your will.  We offer our lives as a sacrifice of thanksgiving. Here we are, Lord. You are our God.  <image source>


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