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18Mar, 2012

Lenten Fourth

john-3-16 Our prayer this day, the Fourth Sunday of Advent 

Lord, we attempt to remain in the light and sing your praises. Sadly, as a people when often prefer the cold distance of the darkness and mock messengers of God and scoff at prophets. We believe that God had so much compassion on his people and that He sent his Light into the world.  The Son of Man who was lifted up so that we may have eternal life in the Light.

By grace we have been saved and lifted up in the Light.  May our tongues never be silenced as if we could forget you. In the Light of faith, we are brought to life with Christ.  We are free to go, to get up, and know that our God is with us. We shall sing songs of praise for the Lord as far away as foreign lands and as long as the ages to come.

Those who do wicked things hate the light and do all they can to avoid coming towards the light.  It is as if they might ever forget the immeasurable riches of his grace. Yet, we are the Lord’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus for good works to lives the truth that comes to the light.


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