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22Apr, 2012

Easter Third

imagesCAJ2ZQR1 Our prayer this day, the Third Sunday of Easter

Peace. Peace. Peace.

May the Lord’s peace be with us and with our Spirits.  We need not be troubled. Our Lord God answers our call when we are in distress.  When we call, the Lord, in God’s good time and place, answers us with mercy and justice.

We are witnesses to many great things.  The Lord has done wonders for the faithful ones. May those among us who claim "I know him" must strive to keep God’s commandments lest we be know as those whom do not have truth in them, lest we be know as liars. May we have the fortitude to keep God’s word and have the love of God perfected within us.

Lord God, you have held towards your end of the bargain. Everything announced beforehand we have known its fulfillment -  from the law of Moses, from the prophets and psalms, from the disciples and saints and holy ones – Our Lord God has kept His promises.  Jesus has been expiation for our sins. We must repent, therefore, and be converted.

We may remain secure and fall peacefully asleep for the Lord is our God.

Peace. Peace. Peace.


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