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23May, 2012

Double Dose

1_1270468536_two-thumbs-up Here is a double dose of encouragement for you this day!

Over at the Gospel Coalition site, Paul Martin lays out  the Why We Need Youth Ministry insisting that “The church would be suicidal to abandon a generation based” on the suggestion that our models of youth ministry are failing or outdated. He states that Youth ministry exists because it is needed and the church, if it wants spiritual depth, must reach out to teenagers and help them mature in their faith.

All the while, Mike Calhoun defends us in the argument if youth ministers are over-rated claiming that (among many other things) we
> love kids even sometimes when no other adult, including a parent, seems to care;
> are making an eternal difference by pointing kids to Christ: and
> are “one more voice” speaking truth into the life of your teens during a time when they are hearing many voices giving them wrong information.

Read both posts and keep doing that good that you do!   <image source>


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