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26Nov, 2012

Publishing Transformed

Blogging-for-the-peopleIt is a trend of which we are all aware (or suspect)…

> Newsweek magazine will have their final print edition hit newsstands on December 31, moving towards all-digital as more consumers favor tablets and mobile devices over print.
> Pew Research indicates that, for American adults under 30, social media has far surpassed newspapers and has equaled TV as a primary source of daily news.
> Blogs are not dying, to suggest so is simply a wrongheaded conclusion. Blogs are excellent venues to do more in-depth analysis (as I’m doing here) and show off your expertise in a given area.

Print is dying as a form of publication.  Agencies which have been dependent on print as a means of communication are long overdue to reconsider their strategy. Setting up a variety of facebook pages without a consistent plan of updating them is not, however, a social networking strategy…  The church bulletin still has some play for the youth minister, so do not ignore it…  But you must figure out how to go beyond it.

There must be a commitment to provide content that is not just self-serving regarding programs, but that actually drives the vision, compels the viewer. We have previously debated “is blogging dead?” on these pages. This blog is not…


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