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5Dec, 2012


Monday morning the news broke that the Pope has set up a Twitter account. With apologies to Aggie Catholic as well as the Ironic Catholic, here is my own dream tweets from the Holy Father:

1. Got Twitter page set up.  Might actually try a tweet or two in a few days. #NewProcrastination

2. Advent – Schmadvent. I’m wearing purple cause I support the NFL Ravens. #GoBaltimore

3. I am infallibly stating that @alisongriz is completely on target regarding the whole #endthecrossclap thingee

4. I’m officially waiving all “first miracle” canonization restrictions for Catholic Youth Ministers. #SantoSubito! #YMsAreTheSizzle

5. @TonyVasinda @MichaelMarchand Thanks for all you do to ReBuild My Church #Iwillrebuild

6. #NewEvangelization is about making disciples of all the nations.  As soon as you can get around to it. #NewProcrastination

7. @MartinLuther Just pay for the damages to the door and all is forgiven. #GermanFraternalSolidarity

8. Beer is the undeniable proof of God’s existence. #WhatGoesOnAtNCCYMinOrlandoStaysAtNCCYMinOrlando

9. @claytonimoo Did I forget to mention in the Catechism about the whole time-off-in-Purgatory thing for living in Canada?

10. @HawaiiCathYYAM Aloha, Lisa and friends. Did I forget to mention in the Catechism about the extra-time-in-Purgatory thing for living in paradise already?

11. Ummmm, @mikepatin.  Your wife and heaven??? No worries, dude! Marlene will get the Disney easy pass straight in. #DoNotStopAtGo #DoNotCollect200Dollars

12. #NCCYM I’m sure your pastor will forgive you for rolling in late to those morning sessions.  #WhatGoesOnAtNCCYMinOrlandoStaysAtNCCYMinOrlando

13. Hey, @steveangrisano. I am going to Go Make a Difference. Right after I’m done #TradingMySorrows #NewProcrastination

14. @CatholicYMBlog is my source for all things Catholic Youth Ministry – RockStar jolts my whole view of the youngchurch #EmbarrassingTotalSelfPromotion

15. I’m ReTweeting everything that @MarcelLeJeune and @ironiccatholic bring! #ProperSelflessPromotion

Let’s add to the list.  Bring it on in the comments box and don’t fall into the #NewProcrastination



  1. @genedavid and @therealbobrice, this is my audition to get on the writing team for the next extravaganza

    Comment by Scott — Wednesday, December 5, 2012 @ 1:49 pm

  2. Way to make my day! Amusing.

    Comment by Warren Dungen — Wednesday, December 5, 2012 @ 4:04 pm

  3. The problem with this writing sample is that is was submitted way too early. We don’t start thinking about writing for NCCYM until the third week of November the year of the conference. (unless this was your writing sample for this year…then it was right on time)

    Comment by gene — Friday, December 7, 2012 @ 8:25 am

  4. @genedavid THAT made me LAUGH OUT LOUD and gave me further cause to celebrate the #NewProcrastination

    Comment by Scott — Friday, December 7, 2012 @ 8:29 am

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