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30Dec, 2012

end-of-the-year-2012Michael Hyatt this morning hada post of interest just to blogging types, so, in advance, I apologize for this behind the curtain look into the mind of the blogger.

A little over three weeks ago, in advance of an annual posting of a top ten list, I posted what I imagined were the top twenty posts of the year, and I was off-the-mark. The corrected top ten of the year are below.

From that list, it can be noted that resources that were useable /duplicable for local use or resources that immediately responded to that which was culturally trending were the heavy hitters. Even three posts that came in the last weeks of the year rose into the top six.

OK, lessons learned! We will work at getting better in our service in these regards in 2013.  We will continue to support training via ReBuild and Blueprints and anticipate this site providing more resources for you to use in the new year. When our posts go live (and we have adjusted the times to better serve you), they will get automatically get announced via twitter and facebook.

Please comment away with ideas, concepts, and suggestions.  This is site is for you!             <image source>

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