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28Jan, 2013

Welcome Home

We are now in our fourth week in crowd-sourcing a new direction in youth ministry. Start here and play along. Previous Post: Pass Along Generosity and Grace

cover.pngChapter 4 - Rejoice

I had forgotten about the household staff. It’s amazing, but they never respond to stuff like servants. They are always there more as part of the community, as family.

My father was making much noise about how I should be greeted home. A fine robe had already replaced my rags before the orders were given. The grime from my feet was being gently washed away with warm, scented water before he suggested that I needed a new pair of sandals on them.

I was hardly in any sort of shape to bear the weight of the thick, rich fabric of the clothing or the accessory necklaces and rings. But, the enthusiasm and the energy of everyone around me sort of carried me through it all… That’s probably how everyone seems to get through the activity of celebration. I know that I was enticed by the scents coming from where the meal was being prepared, as well as the sounds of music and dancing.

prodigalson1670I am sorrowful to admit that I had always pretty much ignored many of the household staff before, not giving them credit for just how important they were when I last lived here. I’m embarrassed that I do not remember everyone’s name. Each one of them knows me and is freely sharing stories with me…about me. They remind me of who I really am. It seems that I have forgotten much in all my wanderings.

I feel as if they all knew that someday, one day, they would celebrate me home and they were ready for it.

For Discussion: Who were those additional adults (not family or teachers) that made a difference in your life? Describe their impact. Can you describe how? Please comment below with your critique clarifications, and response. <image source>

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