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4Feb, 2013

Why I Liked OpenBoston

imageThis past weekend has been a little hyperactive… but that was all a good thing.  Before a very Super Sunday, there was an OpenBoston Saturday.

I got to hang a little with Adam McLane.  He is such a quality guy with very much a servant’s heart for the Lord and for youth ministry. The Open concept is his and what a great vision – sharing a platform with a wide variety of voices, check all the usual machinations of conference going at the door and set up space for networking, discussion, and shared vision… or, just to shorthand all that… fellowship with the field of youth ministry.

It was good to hang with some Catholic partners in a very ecumenical crowd. There is much to learn from each others so we can not arrogantly ignore each other. We have so much to share that we need to connect and collaborate as well.

The speaker’s were a wonderful mix of ingredients – not unlike the regional clam chowder.  There was lots of learning going on as well as a far amount of teachable observations – such as, in one case, “presenter dude, if the last question in your session is repurposing you session title and description, then maybe….” Something was gained, nonetheless, from just being in the room, no matter what.  And the speakers were all there on their own dime and therefore were respected for their courage, effort, and generosity in stepping up to the podium.

We were at Gordon College. I have a brother named Gordon.  Easiest family gift run to the college bookstore since I once visited Millersville University. (true story)

There was the opportunity to represent my hometown Ravens in the home of the nemesis New England Patriots just two weeks after we had won in their backyard.  Youth ministry, no matter what, does enjoy some good spirited (but non-derogatory) “trash talk.”  Lots of that occurred, ironically enough, during a workshop I offered on the Theology of Communication where we did laugh a lot!

Thanks, to Adam and the Youth Cartel for continuing to serve youth ministry on the innovative edge.


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  1. Another review… http://youthworktalk.com/2013/02/04/a-review-of-open-boston/ and Adam’s take on the whole thing http://adammclane.com/2013/02/04/open-boston-and-the-weekend-that-was/

    Comment by Scott — Monday, February 4, 2013 @ 8:27 am

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