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20May, 2013

Sarcasm = Sadness

winnersdemotivatorI have come to an understanding regarding sarcasm.

Lots of folks get by on sarcasm.  Often, they may seem as if they are the quickest wit in the room, using a snappy bit of sarcasm to make everyone chuckle about an obnoxious colleague or a silly policy. Their sharp sense of humor is often used in to lighten the mood and diffuse tense moments. And yet…

Sarcasm does not really serve as a witness to the Master who commanded that  we love our neighbor.  As evangelists, we should be giving evidence toward the faith-filled joy in our lives.

Sarcasm hints towards anger, aggression, or sadness. It is the weapon of a bully, not the lifestyle of a believer.

Choose your humor wisely.


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