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31May, 2013

May Top Posts


Forty posts in just 23 days, just under 6,000 words… this is how you close up a blog…  Yes, we already indicated that the blog was closed and that we had set our last post… but a monthly recap is set for those (including me) who might ever use the achieves to troll for previously written blog posts.

And, according to our monthly wordle review (double click on the image to enlarge) “blog” and “post” seem to be very relevant words along with catholic youth ministry… which seems appropriate considering the close-out Best of Blog review.

Anyway, here are the top ten posts of this abbreviated month, and, as suggested by the scriptures, our last post is first on our list of the top posts.

1. Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen 6.  Sarcasm = Sadness
2. Ain’t Got No Words 7.  BOB1: So Over Pizza
3. Surrender Dorothy 8.  Why Blog
4. Passing the Baton 9.  Employ New Languages
5 .Maturity 10. Stake Your Lives

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